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What is Optimal Life Coaching?

Certified Optimal Life Coaching (Neuro-Activ Coaching)   

Optimal Life Coaching helps and supports you in achieving a specific personal goal. The individual who receives the coaching* is referred to, as the coachee.* Coaching: Action Performed by the Coach.

In short: We help you find the answers you need within yourself.

The Optimal Life Coaching Techniques and Style

The style in which the questions are asked offers opportunities that challenge you, the coachee, to find answers from within yourself. This way, you discover answers and new ways of being, based on your own values, preferences and unique perspectives.

A set of very specific coaching tools and techniques is used, in a safe, non-judgmental and confidential space. In that space, you clearly identify what results you want in your life and how to take action to obtain these results. Your actions toward your goal(s) are specific, measurable and durable in time.

How Long Does it Take?

A session usually lasts 50 minutes, which is the ideal length of time to ensure focus on what is truly important to you. There is an engagement that involves three to four sessions per month for up to three months if necessary.

Studies have shown that this frequency accelerates your progress and builds momentum in the active avenue toward your goal(s). In the process you gain clarity on yourself and your life and you gradually access your targeted objectives and your dreams.

Many clients continue on past the initial three months to maintain this tremendous momentum they now have or to simply deepen their own personal exploration. It is by their own choice.

Should you need more information, please send a note on the contact-me page of this website and we'll be glad to answer your questions on the life coaching that we provide.

The Certification is from The Accreditation of Neuro-Activ Coaching

Neuro-Activ Coaching, Magog, Québec Marie-Berthe Leblanc

The International Society of Neuro-Activ Coaching

The International Network includes coaches and teachers certified in  Neuro-Activ Coaching, active in France, Benelux, Tunesia, in Morocco, in Quebec and Martinique. 

These Coaches and Teachers are trained and Certified with the innovative model of Neuro-Activ Coaching based on the best tools of coaching, NLP and neuroscience.

The International Network "The International Society of Neuro-Activ Coaching" is co-directed by Florent Fusier (Founding President), Julie Lemieux et Claude Vallières (members of the Executive Team).

You want to learn more about the Neuro-Activ Coaching? Click here to visit the official website - in FRENCH.

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