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Weight Training Program:
Easy and Free

A Personalized Weight Training Program

is the best bone-building exercise plan you can have.

If you go to the gym, you’ll see two camps of exercisers. There are the ones who use the cardiovascular machines, and there are the ones who lift the weights.

If you fall into the first camp, you may have little experience with weight training or you may fear that one day in the gym you may somehow transform yourself and morph into a Hulk-like creature.

But if you fall into the latter camp, you need to know that weights aren’t just made for 20 year-old guys trying to impress the crowd. There are benefits to this kind of exercise, no matter your age or fitness level.

First, weight training adds to your body’s lean muscle mass, which, over time, consumes more calories than fat and therefore helps keep your weight down.

Second, it makes your muscles stronger and better equipped to go through the motions of life. In fact, increasing the strength of your lower back is the top way to avoid lower-back-pain. And somehow, it decreases the aging of your heart, arteries, and immune system.

Most of all, it builds bones – it’s one of the best things you can do to maintain and build bone density and prevent osteoporosis. How is that?

Well, bone will form in response to stress, so when muscles pull on the bones during weight lifting, they stimulate the bone to increase its density – making resistance training a bone-stimulating activity.

Weight Lifting Exercises:

How to... and How Long For...

Now, lifting weights doesn’t have to come in the form of bench-pressing monster trucks. What’s important is that you do some kind of weight-bearing, resistance exercise: that is, exercise in which your body pushes and pulls against some kind of resistance, whether it’s by lifting dumbbells, using an exercise machine, pushing and pulling exercise tubes or bands, or even using your own body weight.

Your bones don’t need much resistance to grow. In fact, they don’t need much resistance at all.

Remember that: It only takes (30) thirty minutes of weight-bearing exercise per week to maintain and build your bone density!

Isn't this good news?

What’s even better is that you do not do it all at once; if you split it into three ten-minute sessions, you’ll still gain the maximum benefit. And you’ll be reaping the benefits exponentially. Doing just 30 minutes of resistance training a week has a real age effect of making you nearly two years younger.

Resistance training strengthens your muscles, and the benefits extend to your bones and joints as well by increasing the flexibility of your joints, remodelling your bone structure and building a skeletal support system with stronger muscles.

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