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Immune System Boost
Emotional Wellness... Do you need it?

Why and How?

Immune system boost to fight illness: While the trend may reflect the need for an antidote to all the bad financial news, research pay particular attention to what makes people happy as well as what makes them sad. In the process, researchers are finding that strategies which improve emotional health and mental health also enhance physical health by shielding the heart from stress and provide an immune system boost which help prevent from getting sick.

Make yourself Happier and Healthier:
Follow these 10
Research-packed Easy Tips:

1) Count the positive

Research at the University of Miami showed that people who literally count their blessings have a greater sense of well-being.

2) Be thankful

People experience a better mood for up to a month after they give a letter of gratitude to someone who have been kind to them.

3) Make friends

Chronic loneliness is associated with higher rates of high blood pressure, inactivity, smoking and stress, according to several studies.

4) Volunteer

People who donate an average of four hours a week to good causes show a greater sense of optimism, self-esteem, and sociability as reported in an Australian study made in February 2009.

5) Focus on the present

It was proven that employees who participate in an eight-week meditation course based on mindfulness, of focusing on the here and now, show less anxiety. In these studies, brain scans showed greater activity in the region associated with happiness even four months after the course ended.

6) Follow your passion

Have you noticed how, too often, we give up the things we enjoy most and set out for a very narrowed life. When you're aware of this, take time to identify what you love doing, or would love to try... and do it!

7) Move

Do some moderate exercising for about an hour each day to ensure a fresh supply of fresh air in your body. This oxygen exchange between blood and air helps speed metabolism, therefore leading to the mobilization of energy from nutrients. Exercise also helps give you a sense of control and can ease depression effectively.

8) Laugh

No doubt that a good laugh helps reduce stress, and maintain a healthy immune system. Laughing also improves arterial blood flow.

9) Tap on your thymus gland

Located in the upper part of the chest behind the breastbone is the thymus gland, a nursery for immune system cells to help fight infection. The unfortunate truth is that the older we get, the smaller this organ shrinks. However, there is an exercise to help stimulate the thymus gland and boost the health of your immune system: Gently tap with your fist on the middle of the breastbone for five minutes every morning.

That is a simple and most effective solution from

Complementary Alternative Medicine Page, in this website

You may also like to do the 8 min. face massage:

Dien Chan Facial Massage, down this page Check it out!

10) Drink water

Again, need I remind you that our bodies lose three litres of water daily through urine, perspiration and breathing. Too little fluid in our body inhibits the efficient working of the blood and lymph systems which reduces energy and contributes to a sluggish feeling. Eight to ten glasses a day is recommended.
THIS IS ONE MAIN TIP THAT YOU SHOULD REALLY APPLY... You'll be so glad you did, I assure you!

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