Good Nutrition is Wellness at Work,
Here's Why:

Good nutrition is wellness at work. An employee wellness program requires redefining what wellness and health is, as many employees prove to be more productive when their bodies are working at their best. Understand the ideology of presenteeism as it refers to the workplace with information from a certified clinical nutritionist in this free video on healthy weight loss.

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Let me tell you about the importance of education and employee initiatives surrounding their nutritional habits in order to increase productivity in the workplace.

Good nutrition is wellness and the root of good health. More people than ever before are aware of the connection between food and health. The key to eating healthy food is quite simple: Consume whole foods, mostly plants. One must remember that it is the quality of food that is of paramount importance to improve health.

The workplace environment can strongly influence nutritional habits that will improve health and productivity. Employers can improve nutrition by facilitating education through lunch and learns, inter department food challenges and monitor the quality of foods available in their facilities, as well as encourage regular work breaks. Good nutrition is wellness and the key factor in disease prevention. Employees who work long hours need to make sure that they are receiving the proper nutrients to fuel their bodies so they do not burn out. Eating the right foods can help prevent many illnesses, including cancer, heart disease and the common cold.

Employers often ask if it is worth spending money on nutrition education for employees and whether or not it will be effective. Johnson and Johnson conducted a meta-analysis of over 300 nutrition education research studies and concluded that nutrition education is not only effective at increasing nutritional knowledge, but it will also influence the development of positive attitudes about nutrition and result in an increase in the consumption of nutritious foods.

The pay off for enhanced nutrition is increased attentiveness, productivity, stamina and a better connection with self, the workplace community and the environment as a whole. On the other hand, improper nutrition can result in poor work performance and higher costs to plan sponsors. For example, iron deficiency accounts for up to a 30% impairment of physical work capacity and performance according to The History and Economics of Workplace Nutrition. People who are lacking iron in their diet could show signs of sluggishness, low immunity, low endurance and decrease in work productivity. The cost of fixing this problem is proper education and awareness, and easy to target in the workplace where adults spend 1/3 of their day.

Developing a healthy eating program in the workplace, with the help of a nutritionist, will help employees lose weight, feel better, and have more energy to deal with the stress at work and in life that can sometimes feel overwhelming. It is worthwhile educating people on how to eat healthy, and it makes sense to address the benefits of healthy eating through workplace programs. Successful implementation of these programs at work will result in positive behavior changes and a healthier, more productive employee population in the long term.

Who can best help you develop an effective program, a dietitian or a nutritionist? It is important to understand the differences between the two. The major difference is as follows: Nutritionists look to prevent disease before it happens and to improve health naturally through food and supplementation, if necessary. They treat each client individually because no two people are alike in chemistry.

Dietitians are typically more concerned with calorie counting, following the Canada Food Guide and helping to manage their clients through their medications and disease.

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Good Nutrition is Wellness

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