Fibro-myalgia Treatments, Options and Strategies.

Fibro-myalgia is a Chronic Disease

...therefore, it responds best to a holistic program of both conventional treatments – including drug therapy – and alternative measures – such as acupuncture and massage – as well as lifestyle changes.

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Have You Considered These 5 Useful Strategies?

  • 1- Gentle Exercise
  • Exercise can help your condition, but be careful! Too much too soon can exacerbate symptoms. Gentle Yoga is a good choice, because it is safe, easy and can be performed at home. Start slowly and gradually build up to 30 minutes per day.

  • 2- Trigger Point Injections
  • Doctors can treat pain by injecting a local anaesthetic directly into tender points, then stretching underlying muscles to relieve tension in them. The treatments usually need to be repeated a few times for optimal effect.Since the skill of the doctor doing the injections is key, if you don’t feel any relief after a few treatments, try another doctor before giving up on this approach entirely.
    In my professional massage practice, I do trigger points to my patients. Check that option in your neighborhood if you're not crazy about needles.

  • 3- Drug Therapy
  • If you’ve been reading my pages on this website, you know I am more a believer of natural therapies but in some cases, drug therapy is naturally needed. So, as it is in order here, there are over-the-counter pain relievers you should try first. Doctors have found that a weak opiate called Tramadol (Ultram) brings significant relief to the majority of fibromyalgia patients. Other options include tricyclic antidepressants and muscle relaxants.

  • 4- Dealing With Psychological Stress
  • While stress and depression may not cause fibro-myalgia, they can fan the flames. In addition to stress-reduction useful strategies - such as yoga, massage, medication and walking – you may need antidepressants and/or cognitive-behavioral therapy. Such a therapy has you identify negative thought patterns that lead to psychological suffering, and ultimately change these patterns.

  • 5- Fibromyalgia Support Groups
  • Connect with others. Consider joining a local or online fibro-myalgia support group. To learn more, contact The Fibromyalgia Network Treatment and Research News or call 800-853-2929. Also, this fibro-myalgia support group publishes a useful free newsletter and a list of doctors who have experience in treating this misunderstood condition.

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