Diabetes Caused by Genetics
and What Else?

Diabetes caused by genetics is the most common factor to the disease... True or False?

- - FALSE - -

Type 2 diabetes, makes up 95 % of diabetes cases in the U.S. What causes diabetes is your lifestyle, your behaviors and those Butter Croissants in your pantry. These factors are much more dominant trait than genetics.

Diabetes ages you one and a half years for every year you live with it. For example, if you get it at age thirty and live to sixty, you're not really sixty - you have the energy and disability risks of a seventy-five-year-old.

Here's How it Works:

Type 2 diabetes is a genetic disease... That is, if you were and identical twin and your twin got type 2 diabetes, you'd have the genetics for it. Here's the most common diabetes cause:

Type 2 diabetes makes sugar build up in your bloodstream rather than directly into your cells. That causes weakness in the seals between cells in your arteries, allowing cholesterol to seep in. It also causes sugar to attach to proteins and make them less effective. That causes a host of health problems. For example:

  • It increases your blood pressure
  • It increases your risk of heart attacks, strokes, memory loss, kidney failure, eye problems, arthritis, and lung disease.
  • It decreases your ability to fight off infections.
  • Here's the Good News:

    You can control your genes if you want to. to keep your blood sugar levels down, you should avoid foods with simple sugar, syrups, any grain but 100% whole grain, and lousy ageing fats (trans and saturated fats). About 2,000 calories worth of activity a week -that is thirty minutes of walking every day and thirty minutes of weight lifting a week- causes your muscles to be so much more sensitive to insulin, which allows sugar into the cells.

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