Food to avoid arthritis,
proven pain relief:

Have you ever heard of food to avoid arthritis?
Or about a proven diet for arthritis pain relief?

No? Then, let me briefly tell you about it.

First,if you have arthritis and think drugs are your only hope, think again.

When scrupulously followed, a surprisingly simple diet plan has reduced arthritis symptoms for people all over the world.

Why Should You go on This Diet?

Well, if you go on this diet, your arthritis discomfort should begin to abate within a couple of weeks. It is important to know that it will take three months before the diet has its full impact.

Your goal is to re-balance your body’s chemicals. How will you do that? Omega-3 fatty acid found almost exclusively in the oils of fish and sea animals, is the answer. That’s right, fish is good for you. It provides the most protein for the least number of calories and possesses the most healthful form of fat.

A word of caution here: Most fast-food and frozen cooked fish contain ingredients that counteract the healthful effect by burying it beneath unhealthful deep-fried breading. So, in restaurants, order baked, poached or boiled fish. Lemon juice is a tasty butter substitute.

Consume all the omega-3 oils you can. In addition to their inflammation-reducing properties, they also inhibit the development of arterial plaque that leads to heart disease and stroke.

Watch this amazing informative video on Omega-3 Oil and Krill Oil.

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