What is Antioxidants?

What is antioxidants people ask:

They are nutrients that help our body to be protected from "free radicals" being a chain of reactions that damage the cells. Free radicals are an essential component of the oxidation process that is responsible for the production of energy within the body. When these free radical molecules are not controlled, it leads to cellular damage known as "oxidation".

Then, when the cells break down, a numerous unwanted effects occur: It speeds the aging process, it promotes heart disease, cancer and greatly weakens the immune system. What damage it does! THEY ARE reducing agents to the degradation of the cells.

There's no way to avoid free radicals. They're produced within the body as a result of normal metabolic processes. But... certain of its compounds destroy free radicals.

Let's say that the best approach against free radicals is to eat 5 to 10 servings of brightly coloured fruits and vegetables throughout the day: the brighter the better!

It seems much but when we put our mind to it, it's not long before we vote for a variety of these and that we adopt them for our own good. Read all the antioxidant benefits from The National Cancer Institute.

If that still does not convince you or appeal to you for some reason, you can choose to supplement your diet to boost your system with a powerful nutriment. Find out about a wonderful antioxidant that you can rely on and Dr Mercola's video on free radicals, duration 6:59 min: Defend Yourself Against Free Radicals

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