To help you focus on your ultimate goal, which is to lose those extra pounds... and for good!

Why do you feel you need to go on a diet? Take a minute to answer these questions first:

  • Are your clothes getting tighter and uncomfortable?
  • Do you feel insecure and less confident about your body?
  • Do you tend to dress in "baggy" clothes to hide your body?
  • Do you sometimes feel depressed about your weight?
  • Is "clothes shopping" a chore?
  • Are you feeling tired more often then before?
  • Do you find it difficult to walk a block or two?
  • Are you suffering regularly from heartburn, indigestion or constipation?
  • Has your physician ever advised you to lose weight for medical reasons?
  • Are you feeling tired more often then before?
  • Do you find it difficult to walk a block or two?
  • Are you suffering regularly from heartburn, indigestion or constipation?
  • Has your physician ever advised you to lose weight for medical reasons?

  • If you answered YES to any of the above questions, it indicates that your weight is an issue.
    And it tells that you may need to make some changes in your lifestyle.

    Read on... Find out what these most important fast weight loss tips are.

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    Notice anything strange?...

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    I chose those weight loss tips for you because they worked for me.
    Naturally there are plenty other tricks for succeeding at losing weight.

    I tell you though, if only you were to concentrate on the following seven tips, and apply them before any other, you'd be set on the right track for weight loss... You'd definitely be on the road to success toward your targeted objective of a lean body.
    Now, those fast weight loss tips are:

    1. Be enthusiastic!

    Make sure you understand the choice of diet you want to go with.This means that you should know by what mechanism you lose weight on that specific diet. We only accept what we understand so take time to prepare and set a realistic goal. Take your measurements. You'll be amazed once started to see how this indication will show changes at times when the scale doesn't budge.Be optimistic about your new venture.

    2. Be prepared!

    Make sure that you have the right groceries in the house. Good vegetables, salads, a dressing that you love but that is legal and all the right meats. And if you have to (just in the beginning), get rid of all of the things that will tempt you as they will only make it harder for you to stay on track (Have you ever watched Jillian Michaels do that specific chore with her contestants either on Losing It With Jillian or on The Biggest Loser

    3. Plan your meals each week.

    I know how impossible this may seem to just about everyone with a hectic schedule. Things come up and plans change. For those same reasons, if you have planned what you should be eating that night, if you're running late and have to make something quick, the choice between grabbing something you shouldn't eat and having something already waiting for you will be easier. Even if you have to go out, there is always something you can eat off almost any menu.

    Here's a FREE TOOL to make your menus easier to plan:

    SOS Cuisine. Eating Well Made Easy.

    I tell you, it's fantastic help. Every week I receive a meal plan based on my food preferences and local Supermarket specials.

    Sign up... It's absolutely FREE and each week, you too will receive a menu with recipes, matching grocery list, and a step-by-step guide to save you time in the kitchen.

    Click on GO.

    No catch, no cash. Have your FREE weekly meal plan done for you:

    All Recipes

    4. Have a support system in place.

    Your spouse, a friend, or a group of people you trust. You need to have someone that will follow and encourage you and make you accountable. You must be accountable to someone.

    5. Fill out a daily meal planner form.

    There are many reasons why you must keep track of what you are consuming in a week; it helps you track a lot of things while you are on the diet. It's easy to forget otherwise. This was a clear eye opener for me once. You pick a bit here and there without even noticing it and at the end of the week you're surprised nothing changed (not the measurements nor the scale)and you say:"I don't understand, I sticked to my menu"...and you get discouraged because you're not aware of the little bites that add on sometimes big amounts of calories daily.

    6. Be ready mentally.

    Make sure you are clear on why you are starting on a diet. Go over the reasons you wanted to or needed to go on a diet in the first place (top of this page). If you are not mentally ready, you won't succeed because you won't make the necessary changes. Prepare- Be Ready - Follow through - Succeed.

    7. Be patient.

    How fast you can really lose weight. 2 to 3 pounds a week is considered a safe weight loss pace. Remember this though... The closer you are to your weight loss goal - The longer it's going to take to lose your last 10, 20, or even 30 pounds and... The further away you are to your weight loss goal and the more overweight you are - the faster you can expect to lose weight at the start of any diet program.

    Would you like to share YOUR Fast Weight Loss Tips with me?

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