Quit Smoking...
My friendly advice

Why quit smoking anyway?
Keep reading and find out why all you've heard so far about
cigarette smoking is damaging to your health.

First of all, let me say congratulations for taking the time to look at this page. It means that you may be considering taking the big step to become a non-smoker.

At first, it will not be easy to refuse a cigarette, but the right tools and your willpower can enable you to reach this goal. The results you will get are truly worth the efforts you will make.

The Greatest Rewards
Awaiting You, Are:

  • You will take control of your life and health
  • Within two days, your senses of taste and smell will improve.
  • .
  • Four weeks from now, you will have reduced by half your risk of suffering heart disease compared to the average smoker. You will reduce your risks of suffering from lung cancer, emphysema, as well as other bronchi and lung problems.
  • Quitting smoking will allow you to save lots of money.

  • 15 Reasons for Quitting Smoking Cigarettes NOW:

    It will be of great benefit to you,
    to read these affirmations aloud:


  • 1) I will improve my health.
  • 2) I will improve the smell of my house and clothes.
  • 3) I will improve the health of those around me, affected by my smoking.
  • 4) I will set a good example to others about smoking.
  • 5) I will feel no more shame or guilt about smoking.
  • 6) I will increase my capacity to exercise.
  • 7) I will breathe better and/or cough less.
  • 8) I will save money on the cost of cigarettes.
  • 9) I will save on the cost of illness and lost work from smoking.
  • 10) I will make my children happy (they hate the smell).
  • 11) I will make myself and my family proud.
  • 12) I will feel and look younger.
  • 13) I will improve my sex life and/or get more dates.
  • 14) I will have more energy.
  • 15) I will have better skin and fewer wrinkles.
  • 4 Important steps to quit smoking:

    In order to quit smoking, you have to go through several steps. you can't commit to this project impulsively. To succeed, it is preferable to be well prepared and have a plan to help you overcome the various cravings for a cigarette.

    First step:


    During withdrawal, the cravings for smoking can be difficult to overcome. You must recall the advantages of being a non-smoker and the disadvantages of smoking. So, it is important to identify them at the beginning of the process.

    Second step:


    In many cases, you essentially smoke by "habit". In fact, you may have taken the habit of smoking at certain moments of the day, like after meals, with your coffee in the morning, while driving your car, when having a drink with friends or when you are stressed. By identifying why and when you smoke, it will be easier to find replacement solutions.

    Third step:

    Identify the tools that will help you quit smoking.

    Before choosing a date to quit smoking, you must make sure you have all you can on your side to succeed. Is your motivation strong enough to go ahead? Did you clearly identify your using habits and more importantly, did you find replacement solutions?

    Forth step:

    What is the best replacement therapy for you?

    Nicotine replacement therapies are available for most smokers who want to quit. With products such as nicotine patcher or nicotine gums or the nicotine inhalator your body receives nicotine doses in smaller amounts than those you would absorb by smoking. These products associated with giving up cigarettes also help you resist the temptation to smoke. You can get such products without a prescription. Talk to it about your pharmacist if that's the path you want to take in your journey against cigarette smoking. Talking to your pharmacist is also the best way to obtain the information you need to fully benefit from a replacement therapy found over the counter.

    Good News for Smokers Who Quit:

    The benefits of quitting smoking start much sooner than you realize. Just one year after kicking the habit, arteries already show a 1 percent reversal in atherosclerosis, according to a large study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. "That may not sound like much, but that translates to a 14 percent lower risk of developing heart disease," says Dr. James Stein. Another bonus - quitter's levels of good cholesterol improve as well.

    Here's a Solution for You:

    The Complete Quit System

    The Complete Quit System is a step-by-step quit smoking program designed to eliminate the psychological dependence as well as the physical addiction to nicotine. For most smokers, the psychological dependence is MUCH more important than the physical addiction, which means that MOST of the smoking cessation products on the market are not very effective at helping people to quit for good.

    Designed and produced by a psychologist, this unique science-based approach provides the missing link for many people, allowing them to quit for good. The product includes a down loadable step-by-step program manual, along with e-mail and phone support provided by a psychologist.

    Complete Quit System

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