Earthquake In Haiti:
Help the Victims

Sad Anniversary Today:
Three Years Ago Jan.12, 2013

Two Years Later: January 12, 2012

Two Years Later: Earthquake in Haiti - January 12, 2012

Earthquake in Haiti follow up: Canada's former Governor General Michaelle Jean visits Haiti for the second anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti that shattered a nation. The Honourable Mrs. Jean believes that while charities are helping to rebuild, the national government is so starved for cash it can't enforce its own policies for reconstruction. And in the meantime, as many as half a million people remain in tents. "Not much has been done"... Read more.

Click here to Watch, Michaelle Jean, Express Her Thoughts, Jan. 12, 2011

Here's what Canada General Governor Michaelle Jean had to say following the earthquake in Haïti one year ago (Jan. 12, 2011):

Exactly one year ago, I was in Haiti to assess the damage caused by the hurricanes that had cruelly ravaged a country that has suffered so much, and to support the reconstruction efforts there.

Yesterday, fate once again turned against the people of Haiti, who had only just begun to see a glimmer of hope.

I would first like to say that my husband, Jean-Daniel, our daughter Marie-Éden and I are all thinking about the victims, the countless families who have been affected and are in mourning, and all those who, like us, are so worried about their loved ones and friends in Haiti.

Like me, Haitian communities across Canada are heartbroken and overwhelmed by the magnitude of this catastrophe. The images and news reports are unbearable to watch. So much distress, suffering and loss. We are also, of course, imagining the worst, situations no image can capture that only increase our feeling of helplessness.

I salute the friendship and solidarity being demonstrated all across Canada and throughout the international community.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Prime Minister of Canada for all the emergency assistance that has been sent. I thank the Minister of Foreign Affairs and in particular the Minister of Defence, with whom I have closely monitored the situation as it evolved and discussed, along with the Chief of the Defense Staff, the urgent needs to be deployed to Haiti.

I am also grateful to our Ambassador, Gilles Rivard, and to his team in Port-au-Prince, with whom we have remained in contact via satellite, who are making remarkable efforts to help Canadians in Haiti and who are standing beside the people of Haiti at this terrible time.

My thoughts are also with our police officers, soldiers, missionaries and humanitarian workers, and our UN family, who have all been hit very hard by this new disaster.

We still have no news of our dear friend, Hédi Annabi, Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Haiti. All we know is that he was with his colleagues in the United Nations headquarters, which collapsed.

Thank you to you, the media, for your all your reports and updates on the situation.

Now more than ever, it is time for us to show our solidarity with the most vulnerable people in the Americas, our brothers and sisters in Haiti, whose courage is once again being so harshly tested.

Ayisyen Ayisènn Pran couraj Pa lagé

Help Survivors in Haiti...


Click Here to Read the Downloadable Report from the World Health Organization:

Update of November 8, 2010:

  • Michaëlle Jean designated UNESCO Special Envoy for Haiti

  • Michaëlle Jean : UNESCO and Haiti (1:35m Video)

    UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova today designated Michaëlle Jean, Governor-General of Canada, as UNESCO Special Envoy for Haiti.

    Michaëlle Jean will take up her new functions when her term ends as Governor-General.

    A former journalist and strong advocate for human rights, Michaëlle Jean has proven throughout her career an unwavering commitment to dialogue and solidarity between communities, equality between men and women, press freedom and the role of education in economic development and democracy.

    "I am delighted," said Irina Bokova, "that Michaëlle Jean’s wealth of experience, dynamism and dedication will contribute to achieving UNESCO’s goals, especially in Haiti, the country of her birth and where the Organization is working with national authorities on education, culture, science and media projects – all of which will serve as pillars for the country’s reconstruction."

    Michaëlle Jean has already developed a strong connection with UNESCO. In October 2009 she addressed the Organization’s Executive Board, stressing the importance of dialogue between cultures. In March this year, the Governor-General travelled with the Director-General to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Jacmel in southern Haiti which was severely damaged in the 12 January earthquake.


    Free the Children in Haiti

    Free the Children in HAITI - Click here to Read How You Can Help too:

    Earthquake in Haiti, January 12, 2010

    For most of us, we cannot be there to pass out food and clothing but we can donate money to help purchase supplies, food and clothing.

    Tremblement de terre en Haïti: CANADIEN FRANÇAIS

    As humans, whatever trouble you and I may be experiencing in our lives,we can't help but be shaken by the disastrous earthquake in Port au Prince,Haiti and the tremendous human suffering going on right now. They desperately need help and we can help by sending money to a safe organization.

    Click here to watch and hear the beautiful "We Are The World 25 For Haiti" OFFICIAL VIDEO

    Make a Donation
    to the American Red Cross

    You can help Victims of the Earthquake in Haiti instantly using your cell phone. To make a $10 donation to the American Red Cross, text 90999 with the word "HAITI". You will receive a text response asking you to confirm the $10 donation. 100 percent of your donation will go directly to the Red Cross efforts to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake. The $10 will be added to your cell phone bill. Grab your cell phone right now and help...every minute counts.

    Pass this message on to all of your friends and loved ones.


    To make a larger donation go here:

    American Red Cross Organization

    or Call 1-800-RED-CROSS

    The U.S. Department of State, Office of Overseas Citizens Services, at 1-888-407-4747 or (202) 647-5225.


    LINK TO:

    Canadian Red Cross

    DONATE BY PHONE: 1-800-418-1111

    Whatever donation we make from our empathic heart will mean a total grand difference where needed. IN GRATITUDE to you.

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